When some people get nervous, they eat. Combine that with the famous Montreal Forum hot dogs, and it could be a serious problem.

Thank goodness Luc Robitaille was able to control himself on draft day. It would have been awkward if he puked on the Forum floor.

"I remember when my name was called at the draft, I'd been there for six hours waiting. They have great hot dogs at the Montreal Forum and I must have had six of them during the day. I finally heard my name called and went running downstairs."

When he reached the Kings' table, there were only two people from the organisation still there. John Wolf, the assistant to the general manager, was one of them.

"He said, 'Who are you?' " Robitaille said. "I said, 'I'm Luc Robitaille, you just drafted me.' He said he didn't have any shirts or hats left, then he gave me the pin he was wearing. I still have it."

There you have it. Roughly one hot dog per hour, a lapel pin and based on this video, a lasting hot dog addiction.