Stan Mikita and Bobby Hull have been friends since high school, and when they were invited back to the Blackhawks organisation to serve as ambassadors, they naturally jumped at the chance. They also jumped at the chance to tell old stories to a new audience. Here's an off-ice tale:

"The only time over all that time that we were ever at odds, we were on a road trip to Vancouver and got invited on a fishing trip," Mikita said. "Bobby caught one of the biggest salmon I've ever seen in my life. I said I'd net it out, and instead I accidentally broke the line. There was dead silence, and then Bobby said, 'Stanley, I should push you in the damn water.'

"It was probably the worst feeling I've had in my life, and to this day he still brings up that damn fish. He laughs about it now, but it took 40 years." [As told to Melissa Isaacson, 2008]